A year ago, I returned a van to my generous friends who let me stay in their incredible van for the summer while I ventured to Colorado as a wilderness therapist. Today, I just bought my own van…a blank moving canvas, to create a home of my own. 

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I have dreamed of living and traveling in a van for over 10 yrs…since I was a climber dirt bag (still living at my parents house). A reminder that seeds planted and prayers spoken can take time to grow and harvest. That there is right timing to pluck the ripe fruits of our longing and pounce courageously toward our visions. Even after buying this van I waited a week for my check to clear before I could call it home… and have much work to do before it is home.

I had put this dream aside allowing others voices cloud what felt supportive of my wild spirit; “it’s irresponsible, it’s unsafe, you need to settle down, you can't afford it, you need land first, you need a home first, you can’t travel by yourself, how are you going to make money, you won’t be able to do your work, you'll need more space…” the list goes on. A reminder, that the world and our mind can be so strong to push up against that we surrender to the path of least resistance. We choose the comforts and norms of “out there” instead of following our gut and maybe succeeding, maybe enjoying the process, maybe fucking thriving! 

As a writer, photographer, artist, therapist, dancer, doula, wild woman… the world, some friends, lovers, family, or even your dog can test your desire to succeed in fulfilling your purpose (intentionally and unintentionally)… there are countless distractions and detours, so when you feel the tug of HELL YES in your cells, allow yourself to trust fall.

So here we go... yes we! I'm talking to you too because I believe in you, your dreams, and your success!

I tell you this as I sit on the van floor, doors wide open, the evening summer sun flickering gold across my face, the gentle breeze soothing my bare feet, the faint scent of tobacco lingering in my mouth, and sage smoke swirling amongst the empty space... prayers lifted. You can trust that, all of my stories will be from a similar place like this… wild, connected to the simple magical precious pleasurable freedom of spirit and the elements.

I’ll see you in the trust fall.