about me

my path and life's work  emerged from a deep exploration of my emotional body, wild  adventures,  free-form movement, vision fasts and medicine ceremony.

i love getting lost in natures wonders, embodying my creativity and enjoying life's simple pleasures. photography, expressive arts, nature immersion and ceremony have provided me an outlet to navigate my self expression, connect to my body and earth,

and share these profound experiences of healing with others.

as a photographer, therapist and guide i am devoted to supporting a range of individuals in exploring their authentic embodiment and expression and offer them a perspective and deeper understanding of themselves they can cherish, integrate and transform in a profound way.

 "it is my passion to create a pathway between the natural world and our inner landscapes; to guide people home to their body and enliven their soul. whether its on your favorite mountain summit, along a rivers edge, or thick in the backcountry snow, i am there for the ride!"

a kentucky gal at heart, ive fallen in love with the expansive horizons, way of life and indigenous culture of northern new mexico, and after 8 years call these sacred lands home. However, i love traveling to learn, expand and influence my work from a variety of backgrounds.

after completing my masters as an art therapist and retrieving my license as mental health counselor i went on a deep dive into vision quest and psychedelic ceremony, body and earth-based practices and creative expression. i have facilitated free form dance and attend african and ecstatic dance classes regularly, participated and assisted in various medicine and vision quest ceremonies in the US and Mexico, as well as a rock climbing and rafting guide.

these passions have guided me in how i support others on their healing journey while continuing to cultivate my own relationship to the elements and my body.

I give great gratitude to my mentors and guides Katherine Ninos and Carol Parker in Wilderness Solo Fasts and ceremony, Amelia Robinson in expressive arts therapy, Denice Sherwin in holistic wellness, my memaw/grandmother, dear soul sisters and mama earth in your unconditional love and unwavering support! It is a blessing to walk this journey with you.

"it would be a joy to witness you in your element, connecting to your souls essence!"

with wild love,




IG: @wildernessence_counseling