As a therapist I incorporate expressive arts therapy, earth-based practices and somatic embodiment techniques to support you to...

Cultivate and deepen your connection to your body and the Earth

Develop loving effective and intentional communication

Reclaim your self worth, self love and true nature

Value, understand and fully express your emotions, needs and desires

Free yourself of limiting beliefs, fears and old patterns

Establish healthy boundaries and loving relationships with yourself and others

Access and enrich  your sensuality, pleasure and erotic nature

Nurture and navigate  your inner child and the other many parts of YOU

Expand and embody your unique gifts and expression 

Step fully into your purpose with trust and confidence

I am  deeply honored and overjoyed  to share these gifts with you  and be witness  to 

your healing journey!  Thank you for showing up!



Counseling & Art Therapy

Creativity, movement, mindfulness and expression give voice and understanding to our emotional landscapes. I provide a nurturing, real and accepting space for adults and couples (14+) to go the depths. Sessions held outdoors, video or phone.

Free 15 min Consultation

Outdoor Rock Climbing & Relationship Counseling

Experience the healing power of rock climbing! This course is designed to guide couples, parent and child or individuals through the basics of climbing techniques and supports you in building trust, communication skills and accessing your strength while learning to navigate the inner and outer elements of yourself and the environment.

Outdoor Day Session (4 hours) $500
3 Outdoor Day Sessions $1350
1 hr Therapy Consultation Included
Gear Provided
No Experience Necessary

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Soul Wilderness Fast & Immersion

A 6 day Soul Embodiment Ceremony including 2 days and 2 nights in solitude without food. An opportunity to be held and witnessed in deepening your connection to body, earth and soul. To honor and embrace your life's profound transitions in the presence of nature.
1:1 & Group Immersions
$500 includes...
Cacao & Intention Council
Somatic & Earth Rituals
2 preparation sessions (1 hr each)
2 integration sessions (1 hr each)
2-4 night solo fast with support
Ongoing peer support
1 meal provided to "break fast"

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Psychedelic Integration

One of the most critical components to any psychedelic and ceremonial experience is how we integrate and live it. Together we create a space to guide and support you in processing your experience and coming to wholeness so you can bring what you learn back to your community, body and daily life.
10 1hr sessions $1,000
5 1hr sessions $600
1hr $135

Free 15 min Consultation

Limpia Clearing

Limpia is a traditional Andean spiritual and energetic clearing to offer relief from emotional, mental, spiritual or physical pain/discomfort and support in clearing toxicity from your body, environment or relationships. *Includes intuitive bodywork/touch.
$75-100/hr session

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"my work seeks to support all walks of life & diverse individuals in creating a pathway between the natural world and our inner landscapes; to guide you home and nourish your soul so you ebrace your full essence."


IG: @wildernessence_counseling



“Hannah Rapp brings a clear mind and open heart to her practice. As a client of hers I was able to work through emotional difficulties that seemed intractable. Hannah clearly understands the power of the therapeutic relationship and offers salient advice for making tough life transitions. Hannah is empathic, level-headed, and compassionate. Time with her is time well-spent. I highly recommend her services as a counselor and life coach.”

“Hannah is a well-spring of innate and learned knowledge, which she alchemizes to the great benefit of her clients and her community. Being in Hannah's presence is, simply put, a blessing. Her intuitive and healing nature create a sacred space for vulnerability to come present and be witnessed. Time with Hannah is a priceless investment in discovering one's true self and vital essence.”

“Being in Hannah’s presence immediately brings a smile to my heart. Through her loving presence, and art supplies, I was easily able to connect with my inner wisdom and move through trauma; I left feeling clear, open, and able to more fully enjoy my life. She is comfortable with herself and creates comfort around her. Hannah is a beautiful listener,
joyful spirit, and wise, intelligent woman.”

“I have not climbed since a little girl, but Hannah made my rock climbing experience so easy and fun! I felt supported, safe and learned so much! She is a joy to work with and an incredible teacher. I recommend her to all ages and fitness levels.”

“There is no doubt that Hannah was born to be an Art Therapist. Her love and compassion for humanity creates a positive, safe, trusting and healing environment.”

“Hannah is a true healer, whether she is working with art-based methods, ceremony, or supportive counseling. Her rapport with clients goes deep, and at the same time she brings in a light-filled playful energy. I love working with Hannah!”

“I went on a climbing day trip with Hannah after taking several years off. By the end of the day, I was confidently lead climbing and had learned so many valuable skills! Hannah is an excellent teacher and guide. She makes you feel safe and confident throughout the entire experience. I highly recommend you take a trip with her! You'll not only learn about climbing, you will learn so much about yourself.”

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